Aayan Medical Imaging purchases medical and diagnostic equipment for refurbishment, whether defunct or in full working order.

We offer a full deinstallation service that meets health and safety requirements, including WEEE disposal. If you have any of the following equipment available for sale or are interested in discussing with us trade-in or relocation, call us today for a free evaluation on 020 8949 6951 or contact us via email: sales@aayanmedical.co.uk. 

·       MRI

·       CT Scanners

·       Mobile MRI and & CT Scanners

·       X-Ray Machines including Fluouroscopy, General X-Ray, Mobile X-Ray

·       Ultrasound

·       Mobile C-Arm (Imaging Intensifier)

·       Digital Mammography

·       RAD Rooms

·       RF Room

·       Bone Desitometer

·       Computed Radiography (CR)

·       Angio-/Cath rooms

·       Cath lab

·       Lithotriper Systems

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