GE Logiq e Portable Ultrasound Bundle

4 x GE Logiq e systems in stock! See details below

1: Special Item 

YOM: Dec 2012 (Refurbished March 2013)                    BT Level: BT12                                                                Software version: R7.0.4 


 YOM: February 2008 (Refurbished in 2012)                 BT Level: BT09                                                                Software version: R5.2.2 


YOM: September 2010                                                      BT Level: BT09                                                                Software version: R5.2.2 


YOM: Dec 2012                                                                        BT Level: BT11                                                         Software version: R6.0.4 

We have the following transducers available with each system: 

3 x 12L-RS, 1 x 4C-RS and 3 x E8C-RS transducers  

Please send all enquiries through the contact us page for a quotation or more information, 

GE Vivid i Portable Ultrasound

Year of manufacture: 2008 

Software level: BT06/7

This system is BOX-ONLY (Does not include probes) 

                           GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound

Year of manufacture: 2008 

Probes included: GE 12, GE 8C  

Samsung Medison Accuvix A30

Year of manufacture: 2012 

Probes Included: 
L4-7 - V2-6-4D - C2-6IC    

Includes: 21.5 Inch Full LED Monitor                             SW:                                                               Sony Printer                                                                       SOFTWARE: 4D, DICOM, Volume NT, ADVR, 3D XI, CW Function, XI STIC, 3DMXI-UPGRADE

Toshiba Xario Ultrasound

Year of Manufacture: 2009


includes x 7 Assorted Manuals Sony UP-D897 Graphic Printer  

Siemens Acuson X150
Year of Manufacture : 2010 

Siemens 14L5BV

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