Ultrasound Rentals

We offer complete ultrasound rental choices.

Whether you are trying to fill a short-term need while the investment budget is being approved.

We can provide a range of rental equipment designed to meet the needs of your 4d practice.

We can supply both portable and static systems such as the, Logiq S8, E9, P9, e, Voluson i, Voluson, E6, E8, S8 and the Voluson E10.

We can provide the right turn-key solution for you. 

We have the largest inventory of fully refurbished and Ex demo ultrasound equipment in the stock.

We can also support training and networking on the systems we sell or rent.

In addition, we can provide very flexible options for your ultrasound rental. If you need to rent the system now, but believe it could turn in to a purchase in the future, we can apply a set percentage of your monthly rental price toward the future purchase of the unit. 

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