GE Engstorm Carestation Ventilator

Engström Carestation is a comprehensive, expandable solution for the NICU, Pediatric and Adult ICU, and the Step-down unit. With our exclusive FRC INview* and SpiroDynamics* technologies, the Engström Carestation is designed to help enhance your respiratory therapy capabilities, enabling you to measure Functional Residual Capacity (FRC), Tracheal pressures and more. 

Advanced monitoring capabilities with the Engström Carestation include: 
•Built-in advanced nebulization system 
•Operated inline or independently for infants through adults 
•Paramagnetic O2 sensing 
•Non-invasive ventilation 
•Secure access to central stations 
•Sophisticated power management control with battery backup
•Auxiliary pressure sensor 
•Airway Resistance Compensation 

Integrated Ventilation and Monitoring 
•Advanced ventilation 
•INview* Suite: SpiroDynamics* and FRC INview 
•Plug and play modules 
•Patient Spirometry* 
•Gas Monitoring with Metabolics and Energy expenditure (Optional gas module) 
•Neonatal ventilation with the Neo Flow Sensor 

Exceptional Design 
•Adaptable to your environment 
•Flexible and moveable display 
•Transferable module bay 
•Quick-release expiratory valve 
•Multiple trolley configurations
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