Simens Siremobil Compact L

Simens Siremobil Compact L
DOM: 2008
Excellent conditions

 AMX-4+ X-ray unit 

The AMX-4+ X-ray unit is a completely, self-contained battery driven, mobile from a rechargeable battery pack.
Date of manufacture: NOVEMBER 2009
Range mAs
50-90 0.4-320
95-105 0.4-240
110-125 0.4-200
Technical Control
kVp: 50 to 76 in 2 kVp steps
80 to 125 in 5 kVp steps


Good working order Mobile X-ray system power up ok and self-test completed successfully. The kVp & mAs selector keys are in good working order. Collimator diaphragms and light are working fine. Test exposure was carried out with different kV & mAs settings and good indication of x ray was present at the output. The battery and charger are functional and unit’s drive system is working ok. The system is in fair physical condition with scratches and chip on the body paint work. Date of manufacture 2003

 Digital Mobile X-Ray Kodak Carestream CR-ITX 560 

DOM September 2007
Cassettes, 14 x 17, 14 x 14, 10 x 
12 and 8 x 10 (NEW) 
Includes CDS and books, 
Excellent condition

 Siemens Mobilett XP DIGITAL

DOM 2008
133KVA; 450mA
Flat panel detector with the format of 43 x 35 cm (17 x 15 inch) with reinforced detector cable suitable for almost all static X-ray applications and patients of virtually any size and age
Detector can be used similar to conventional film or imaging plate cassettes and images can be send to the hospital IT system immediately
Patients can be registered manually or via DICOM Worklist
If previous patient images exist, they can be called from the local image storage
Mobilett XP Digital can store at least 3000 images.

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